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SK Blue Premium Cotton Wrap is Approved by the National Cotton Council of America

Discover the Quality and Reliability of SK Blue

Features & Benefits

Pre-Cut Wrap Portions

SK Blue is made from 24 ready to use portions, ensuring non-stop harvesting.

Over the Edge Coverage

Minimizes cotton waste and exposure to rainfall.  SK Blue Cotton Wrap goes over the edge and holds the shoulders of the round tightly.

UV Protection

Modules can be left outside for up to 6 months when wrapped in SK Blue.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Every cotton bale wrap includes RFID tags, integrated with the electronic systems of the 7760, allowing individual modules to be tracked through harvesting and processing.


Each SK Blue Cotton Wrap has a unique serial number, located on the metallic label of the wrap.

Makes the Ginning Process Easier

SK Blue is a premium cotton bale wrap that makes the ginning process less expensive and easier.


SK Blue cotton bale wrap is recyclable.

SK Blue is designed to use in John Deere Cotton Pickers (770/690).  Featuring automatic packaging for non-stop harvesting which is specifically designed to avoid the potential of plastic fragments and cotton contamination.

SK Blue Wrap on Pallet
SK Cotton Wrap Blue on roller
SK Blue Roll With Core

Experience Our Premium Blue Cotton Bale Wrap


Roll Width

8.85 ft / 2.7 m

Plastic Core Width

9.19 ft / 2.8 m

Roll Diameter

10 in. / 254 mm

Roll Weight

220 lbs / 100 kg

Individual Sheet Length

69 ft / 21 m

Pallet Size (mm)

W 750 x H 1150 x 2820

Qty. Per Roll

24 sheets / roll

Qty. Per Pallet

9 rolls / pallet or 12 rolls / pallet, mixed

SK Blue Cotton Wrap in the field with John Deere picker and the National Cotton Council seal of approval

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